Shipping Container Transportation Services in Melbourne

Searching for a trustworthy container transportation company with end-to-end transportation solutions? We at Core Logistics are dedicated to providing a wide range of container transportation services to our clients across Melbourne.

As export and imports are an important part of the world’s economy, we develop effective solutions to help clients transport their cargo and goods safely. Over the years, we’ve worked for various companies and industries by providing reliable and timely services.

We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients; our flexible services allow us to cater to their needs and fulfil their requirements no matter how big or small.

Container Transportation Company


Core Logistics offers end-to-end Container Solutions or container transportation services that play an essential role in ensuring on-time shipping of cargo. Our services cover almost all types of products, goods and equipment. We take charge of carrying, importing and exporting cargo on behalf of our clients. With a strong focus on precise and safe storage and handling of goods, we have devised customised solutions.

Each transportation project is handled by our senior experts. They assess clients’ needs and keep a check on the consignment operations every step of the way. We do everything to ensure the quality of goods while transporting them. We use the most sturdy and durable containers to prevent product deterioration or damage.

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  • Containers tested for durability and resistance
  • Reduces the risk of goods damage
  • Great for material handling
  • Offers improved security
  • Significant reduction in shipping cost
  • Enables faster transportation

If you’re searching for shipping container transportation in Melbourne, we will be happy to help. Simply give us a call at +61 3 9315 3204 and our experts will assist you.


Core Logistics is one of the leading transport and storage solution provider across Melbourne. We are known for our safe, quick and efficient container storage and transport services. We make sure that our delivery times are cut short and our clients benefit greatly from our best-in-class customer services.

We are proud to have a team of skilled and licensed shipping container transport drivers. With access to the latest transport equipment and trucks, we strive for delivering exceptional services to our clients while ensuring a customer satisfaction rate of 100%.

We perform regular safety checks and inspections to transport goods without any delays. Our flexible container transport in Melbourne is second to none.


  • Tailored container transportation services
  • Team of professionals
  • Years of industry experience
  • Prompt and consistent service
  • Expert assistance
  • Great security measures

If you are thinking of hiring container movers’ services in Melbourne, look no further than Core Logistics. We are just a call away. Discuss your container transportation requirements and we will prepare a personalised quote for you.

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