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A skeletal trailer offers a highly flexible and versatile transportation solution. It allows the user to interchange the containers anytime they need according to their requirements. If you’re searching for reliable transportation equipment, you can count on the team of  Core Logistics. We strive to deliver innovative and practical solutions to transform the transportation industry. We bring a wide range of multi-purpose vehicles ideal for an array of applications.

Our skeletal container trailer is designed to withstand and accommodate the conditions and environment of the Australian market. If you have specific transportation requirements for your business, we can surely help. Our team of experts design and develop vast customisation options according to the client’s needs and budget.


At Core Logistics, we have a team of dedicated and qualified professionals committed to providing the customers with the best possible skel trailer solutions. Our trailers are used for transporting both containers and goods. They are highly useful in streamlining the logistics system of multimodal transportation.


  • Sturdy and strong structure
  • High-level strength
  • Lightweight equipment
  • Can be easily installed on the frame
  • Perfect for rigorous transportation tasks
  • Easy to customise to suit task needs
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We at Core Logistics offer an extensive range of skel trailers made from the finest quality materials. They are known for their robust structure and high-end performance. If you need to transport various types of containers, our mode of transportation is the ideal fit for your industry.

Looking for a skel trailer for your day-to-day business operations? Call us on +61 3 9315 3204 today to discuss your transportation needs.


The skeletal container trailer is a popular type of semi-trailer used for the various transportation processes. All you need to do is reload the machinery and you can load or unload heavy weights. The easy to replace container significantly reduces the waiting time and improves productivity. With our trailer equipment, we aim to increase the turnaround time for transporting goods while minimising the chances of goods damage.

Our lightweight skeletal trailers are available in various size configurations; you can choose a model depending on your cargo transportation needs. Each of our trailer equipment is tested for their robustness and functionality. They offer the right combination of beam, axle and wheels and can be customised easily.


  • Steel components
  • High load capacity
  • Equipped with stable platform structures
  • Polyurethane paint coating
  • Multiple trailer add-ons
  • Extendable structure

Whether it’s a refrigerated container or a curtain side container, our skeletal container trailer can transport everything.

Contact the team of Core Logistics to browse various skel trailers. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and offer unique, customised transportation equipment and solutions at the best prices possible.

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