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    Our mission at Core Logistics is to provide top-tier container transport services by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, industry expertise, and a customer-centric approach. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, reliability, and transparency in all our operations. By continuously enhancing our fleet, training our staff, and optimizing our processes, we strive to exceed customer expectations and build lasting partnerships. Core Logistics is committed to driving growth, not just for our clients and ourselves, but also for the communities we serve.

    Our Vision

    Core Logistics’ vision is to be at the forefront of evolving container transport, refining the logistics landscape to support businesses in realizing their full potential.

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    Uncompromised Safety Standards

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    Our Services

    With a large number of trucks running across Victoria every day, it allows us to allocate a constant service timeline for all deliveries and collections no matter how urgent it may be. We ensure your cargo is delivered within time-frame and your equipment is returned on time.


    Imports & Exports

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    Shipping Container Transport

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    Our Cartage Process

    Ocean Freight

    When your sea freight arrives soon, begin planning your container cartage with us


    Cartage Booking

    Advise us of the container details and we'll book our collection from the terminal once available


    Road Freight

    We will then liaise with you to arrange the delivery of the container to your site


    Container Dehire

    Once you've notified us that the container has been emptied, we'll collect and dehire the container

    We ( Simply Freight ) have been working with the V Austrans team since their inception and in that time, they have played an integral role in the growth of our business in and out of Melbourne port. Great Team, Great Service.
    oguzhan yilmaz
    oguzhan yilmaz
    Amazing company to deal with, on time and accuracy in the 98-99%, can't ask for better!! Regards' Navia.
    Peter Vu
    Peter Vu
    I have been looking for a reputable logistics company in my area and I finally found one with V-Austrans Logistics. The staff are very professional and they helped me move all my items without any damages. They delivered the container right on time as well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good logistics company in the northern or western suburbs!
    Richard Zurek
    Richard Zurek
    Great company.
    Frank Saliba
    Frank Saliba
    Great Punctual Service, excellent over the phone
    Liam Allison
    Liam Allison
    Great service - The guys at V-Aus Trans have been extremely helpful with all my enquiries and very responsive at all times, highly recommend.
    Kevin Hong
    Kevin Hong
    Having been dealt a large blow during COVID-19, my family business was struggling to find assistance in transport and work to keep our operations running. We had looked online to find a decent container transport freight service operator and were very glad to have stumbled across Vaustrans. They were professional, prompt, and alleviated many issues we had in moving large shipments as part of our operations. With their services, we were able to deliver goods in a timely manner without too much impact from COVID-19. Highly recommend Vaustrans for all of your Freight and relevant transport servicing needs. I will definitely be back.

    Container Service Providers

    Core Logistics is a leading provider of comprehensive container services, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Core Logistics is dedicated to assisting businesses in optimising their supply chain operations. Whether you require container storage transport, or logistics management, Core Logistics has the expertise and resources to help your business thrive. Connect with us to learn more about our container solutions.

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    Comprehensive Container Solutions

    Wondering why reliable container solutions are important for your business?

    In an era where time is money, choosing subpar container services can lead to:

    • Production Delays: Inconsistent schedules and unreliable services can result in production delays, leading to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.
    • Cargo Damage: Insufficient protection and handling of goods can result in costly damage during transit, affecting product quality and customer trust.
    • Inefficient Operations: Without the right container solutions, businesses waste time and resources, hindering their competitiveness in the market.
    • Transparency Gaps: Limited visibility into shipment tracking can lead to uncertainty, making it challenging to manage inventory and meet customer demands.

    To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to prioritise top-tier container services.

    The Need for Shipping Container Services

    Container services are essential for businesses as they ensure efficient storage, transport, and management of goods. By utilising container services, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

    • Efficiency Boost: Studies show that businesses using quality container services experience a 25% reduction in transit times, enabling faster order fulfilment and customer satisfaction.
    • Reliability Matters: 90% of successful logistics operations attribute their success to reliable container solutions, highlighting the critical role quality services play in supply chain management.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Companies that invest in container services Melbourne report a 15% increase in customer satisfaction, showcasing the direct impact on business success.

    In essence, choosing quality container services is a strategic imperative that can elevate your business’s performance and customer satisfaction.

    Why Choose Core Logistics?

    Core Logistics is passionate about providing the highest quality Container Services in Melbourne, Australia. Our commitment is unwavering, and here’s why you should choose us:

    • Passionate: With extensive experience in the container industry, we offer the best prices and the best experience, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the journey.
    • Safe: Your cargo’s safety is paramount. We prioritise protection throughout the shipping process, safeguarding your valuable goods.
    • Efficient: Our solutions are designed for efficiency, solving your logistical problems without fuss and streamlining your operations.
    • Innovative: We continuously evolve our products and services to enhance your experience, staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements.
    • Professional: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, working closely with you to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

    Our Seamless Container Service Process

    Core Logistics follows a meticulous process to ensure our clients find the right container solutions:

    • Assessment: We begin by assessing your specific needs, cargo types, and transport requirements. This step ensures we fully understand your unique logistics challenges.
    • Planning: Our team of experts creates a customised plan, which includes scheduling, tracking, and cost considerations. This plan is tailored to maximise efficiency and minimise expenses.
    • Execution: Our experienced professionals handle the entire execution process, from selecting the most suitable containers to the final delivery. Your cargo is in capable hands.
    • Monitoring: Throughout the journey, our real-time tracking and monitoring systems provide complete visibility. You’ll always know the status of your shipment, allowing for proactive management.
    • Optimisation: We are committed to continuous improvement. By analysing data and feedback, we refine our processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.

    Our Comprehensive Container Service Offerings

    Core Logistics offers a wide range of container services to meet your specific requirements. Our offerings include:

    • Container Transport: Our reliable transport services cover Victoria and Melbourne, ensuring your goods reach their destination safely and on time.
    • Container Solutions: We provide customised container solutions designed to accommodate specialised cargo, offering the flexibility and security you need.
    • Container Freight Services: Our efficient and cost-effective freight solutions optimise your logistics, helping you save on transport expenses.
    • Safety and Security: With a focus on safety, we ensure your cargo is protected during transit, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your assets.
    • Real-Time Tracking: Our state-of-the-art tracking systems offer complete visibility into your shipment’s journey, empowering you with valuable insights for efficient management.

    Our Approach to Finding the Right Container Solutions

    We take a collaborative approach to assist clients in finding the right container solutions. Our process involves:

    • Understanding Your Needs: We start by comprehensively understanding your requirements, cargo type, and timeline. This deep understanding allows us to tailor our solutions to your exact needs.
    • Customised Planning: Our team of experts develops a personalised plan that maximises efficiency and minimises costs. We take into account all the variables unique to your business.
    • Transparent Communication: Open lines of communication are essential. Throughout the process, we maintain transparency, keeping you informed about the progress of your shipment and any potential challenges.
    • Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to ongoing improvement means that we adapt and evolve to meet your changing needs and market conditions. Our partnership is dynamic and focused on your success.

    Learn More

    Ready to experience a transformation in your container services? Take the first step towards seamless logistics and unparalleled efficiency with Core Logistics.

    Explore our comprehensive range of container services, from Container Transport to Container Solutions, and Container Freight Services to real-time shipment tracking. Join hands with a partner committed to your success.

    Don’t wait another moment. Click below to discover how Core Logistics can elevate your supply chain.




    Container Services encompass a range of logistics solutions designed to facilitate the transport of goods. Whether you are in Victoria or Melbourne, these services optimise your supply chain, ensuring efficient and secure shipment of your products.

    Core Logistics offers Container Solutions that can be customised to suit your cargo’s unique needs. Our team assesses your requirements and recommends suitable containers, ensuring safe and efficient transport.

    Our Container Freight Services go beyond conventional options. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions, prioritising your cargo’s safety and timely delivery. Our services in Melbourne ensure your goods reach their destination intact.

    Shipping container services in Melbourne must adhere to local regulations and guidelines. Our experienced team is well-versed in these requirements, ensuring smooth operations that comply with all necessary standards.

    Core Logistics provides real-time tracking and monitoring systems for container freight services in Melbourne. You can stay informed about your shipment’s status, location, and estimated arrival times throughout the journey.

    Core Logistics offers a holistic approach to container services, combining industry expertise with innovative solutions. We ensure on-time deliveries, cargo protection, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and decades of experience, making us your preferred choice in Victoria and Melbourne.

    Absolutely! Our Container Solutions are tailored to accommodate specialised cargo types. Whether you have temperature-sensitive items, oversized machinery, or delicate goods, we have the right container and expertise to meet your needs.

    When choosing a container service provider, consider factors such as reliability, transparency, cost-effectiveness, cargo protection, and industry experience. Core Logistics excels in all these aspects, making us the ideal choice.

    To begin benefiting from our container services, simply reach out to our team. You can contact us through our website, email, or phone. We will assess your requirements, provide a customised plan, and ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.


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