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    Vision Statement

    Leading the Future of Logistics with Innovation, Integrity, and Distinction
    Core Logistics’ vision is to be at the forefront of evolving container transport, refining the logistics landscape to support businesses in realizing their full potential.

    Mission Statement

    Delivering Excellence in Every Move

    Our mission at Core Logistics is to provide top-tier container transport services by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, industry expertise, and a customer-centric approach. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, reliability, and transparency in all our operations. By continuously enhancing our fleet, training our staff, and optimizing our processes, we strive to exceed customer expectations and build lasting partnerships. Core Logistics is committed to driving growth, not just for our clients and ourselves, but also for the communities we serve.

    From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leaders

    Established in 2016, Core Logistics began as a family-owned venture in Melbourne, Victoria, with just one truck. Evolving into a major player in container transport, our growth is a testament to our professional, responsive, and driven approach. Maintaining our family roots, we serve our expanding customer base with a personal, fast, and reliable touch.

    Our Commitment: Service, Safety, and Competitive Pricing

    Core Logistics has built a strong reputation by being forward-thinking and problem-solving, consistently providing high-level service, rigorous safety standards, and competitive pricing. We specialize in the transport of containerised goods, ensuring every customer experiences efficiency, reliability, and innovative solutions to their logistical needs.

    Leading with Technology: Our State-of-the-Art Fleet

    Our fleet, boasting 15 top-tier trucks equipped with advanced technologies, demonstrates our readiness and preparedness in the logistics sector. Combining resources with trusted subcontractors, we ensure seamless operations, backed by a comprehensive driver training program that emphasizes safety and precision.

    Delivering Excellence: Our Track Record

    In 2023, Core Logistics handled a record 6,000 container transports for over 450 clients. This accomplishment reflects our versatility, friendly service, and commitment to being a trusted, compliant logistics partner, delivering outstanding results across various industries.

    Safety First: Accredited and Committed

    Safety and compliance are cornerstones at Core Logistics. Holding NHVR accreditation in mass management, we implement compliant maintenance records and GPS technology, ensuring safety and transparency on the road, and protecting all stakeholders in our operations.

    Innovation and Transparency: Our Service Promise

    Dedicated to providing exceptional, transparent service through innovative technology, Core Logistics ensures customers have full visibility of their goods. We work collaboratively to meet delivery needs, continuously improving our systems and integrating processes for success.

    Your Trusted Logistics Partner

    Core Logistics is more than a transport company; we are your dedicated, efficient, and friendly logistics partner. Committed to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to join us on a journey towards seamless and innovative logistics solutions.

    Move with us and see the difference.

    Our Services

    With a large number of trucks running across Victoria every day, it allows us to allocate a constant service timeline for all deliveries and collections no matter how urgent it may be. We ensure your cargo is delivered within time-frame and your equipment is returned on time.

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