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    Common Types of Containers

    Nov 07 , 2023 When you want to move something from one place to another, picking it up and carrying it is tempting. You may even be tempted to use your hands and carry one thing at a time. It feels like a burden to use anything else. Core Logistics provides top-quality container services that are… Read More

    Benefits of Using Skeletal Trailers

    Nov 06 , 2023 You may be wondering what the benefits of using skeletal trailers are. First and foremost, skeletal container trailers have a higher load capacity than standard trailers, making them ideal for long-haul trips. They are also made of aluminium alloy, which is light and robust. This makes them an excellent choice for transportation… Read More

    Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Mode of Transport

    Nov 06 , 2023 It is hard to instantly think of the number of ways there are to get from one place to another. No matter your destination or the amount of luggage you have, there is a mode of transport perfect for you. Core Logistics’ expert shippers have years of experience transporting all… Read More

    Transport Chain of Responsibility

    Nov 06 , 2023 Transporting goods requires everyone to ensure that the goods are delivered safely and on time. Manufacturers, transporters, and retailers are all affected by the transport chain of responsibility. Understanding how each business is affected must be understood so everyone can work together to ensure a successful outcome. This article will… Read More

    How to Pack a Shipping Container for Moving?

    Nov 06 , 2023 Take the following scenario: You are moving to a new house. You must pack up all your prized possessions and ensure they remain in excellent condition during your move. But you can relieve some of that stress by staying organised by planning and renting Core Logistics’ container services to assist you in… Read More

    Shipping Container Sizes for Different Categories

    Sep 09 , 2023 When you hear the words shipping container, you most likely think of a standard 20-footer. However, there are numerous sizes of shipping containers out there. With our container services, you can rest assured that your goods will be transported safely and securely. Our Container services are perfect for businesses of all… Read More

    What are Ground Transportation Services in Melbourne ?

    Sep 09 , 2023 If you’re travelling to another city, you may need to find container transport in Melbourne. Most people don’t have a car when they travel, which means they cannot drive themselves around the town. Having a container service is almost impossible unless you live somewhere like the city or a rural area. If you… Read More

    Importance of having proper ventilation in a shipping container

    Apr 17 , 2023 When looking for a shipping container to live in, you must ensure it is properly ventilated. If it’s not, you’ll be uncomfortable and might even have health problems. Let us explain what you need to know about ventilation before purchasing. Is ventilation required for your shipping container? You need to… Read More

    5 Ways Shipping containers making moving easier

    Dec 29 , 2022 Getting everything to your new home in one piece, packing your belongings. It’s a lot to manage. But what if we told you there was an easier way? Renting shipping container solutions is much cheaper than hiring a moving company, and you can transport everything securely without causing any damage. Cost-effectiveness is… Read More
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