Shipping Container Storage

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on storage expenses or expand/downsize your business, shipping container storage in Melbourne may offer many long-term benefits to you.

Storage yards provide ample space to store essential items and stuff according to the increasing demands of the industries. Such container storage units eliminate the regular storage and maintenance costs for companies and only require a smaller investment.

To make the right use of shipping containers, choose the services of Core Logistics. Our storage yards are located in Brooklyn with round the clock security. Business organisations can begin with any number of storage containers based on their customer demand.

Shipping Container Storage Yard

We assist our customers by providing them with access to a fully safe and secure shipping container storage. Whether you need short-term container storage or long-term container storage, we have got you covered. Our affordable prices and easy to access services enable our team to listen to clients’ requirements and develop a tailored plan.

If you are looking at storing your container, we offer a wide range of options.


Planning to renovate or move from your current office space? We are here to help. Core Logistics offers a seamless way to keep and store your belongings. We help our clients by taking away the stress and hassle of locating a safe storage space.

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Our container storage in Melbourne is much better and more advanced than traditional storage units. They offer more space and provide clients with instant access to stacking up the containers at their convenience. Our key objective here is to offer practical and cost-effective storage solutions to our clients based on their business model and storage requirements.

We have a team of qualified and trained experts who are good at identifying clients’ needs and developing precise solutions when it comes to choosing shipping containers.

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Shipping Container Storage Yard

Companies and businesses looking for an effective way to transport and store items for a period of time can make the right use of shipping container storage yards.

Our containers are durable and secure for long-term use. You can think of it as an important business investment as you can store your belongings and other items in weatherproof shipping containers for as long as you want.

​Our shipping containers are strong enough to withstand external impacts, they are also resilient to corrosion and protect the cargo. Integrated with advanced security features, the containers offer a reliable option to store your items inside.

If you wish to know more about our modern storage facilities and storage yards, contact us today at +61 3 9315 3204. Depending on your storage and transportation requirements, we will recommend a suitable service.

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