Side Loader Container Transport Services Melbourne

At Core Logistics, you can explore sideloader services in Melbourne. Our side-loader equipment is a specialised type of vehicle that offers a cost-effective, safe and convenient means of transporting cargo. Such sets of equipment are quite useful when it comes to loading and unloading cargo and goods.

No matter the space or area, our side loader delivery truck can be used even in the narrowest aisle. It’ll allow you to save on transportation expenses and move more goods around every day. If you are new to the business, our team will guide you step by step. We assess the following factors before recommending our services:

  • Container drop location
  • Weight of the containers
  • Height of the container
  • Type of cargo/goods

Once we’ve assessed our client’s transportation and delivery needs, we make them understand the entire process and help them select suitable operating machinery. Our side loader truck has made dropping off containers from one place to another an easy and seamless process. You don’t have to worry about purchasing or renting any additional equipment to speed up the process.

With side loader delivery, the container can be offloaded on the ground and unloaded between the rigger’s feet of the side loader. From 20’ to 40’ containers, this method can be used to deliver containers of various dimensions.

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While using a side loader, you must ensure the container is at least is 4.2m long with an opening of 2.9m and a width of 2.44m. The lifting arms should be at least 6.5m long as it will make unloading easier. While unloading, make sure the land is levelled evenly or else it can pose a challenge while lifting off the tray. Another important point is to inspect areas properly before beginning the process of unloading.

We at Core Logistics offer a quick turnaround on our services. Over the years, we’ve served various businesses and companies by minimising their need of hiring extra equipment and manpower. We bring a whole new range of advanced and robust side loader container transport to Melbourne.

To accommodate your transportation needs, you can choose the equipment integrated with either cranes or outriggers. Another advantage of using side loaders is the relative ease they offer. The equipment requires no special equipment and helps industries streamline their workflow and operations.

To know more about our services and range of equipment, kindly connect with us on +61 3 9315 3204. Discuss your cargo transportation needs and let us help you manage your workplace operations better.


Our side loader transport ensures a safe and secure transportation job. They are widely used to transfer goods and products from place to place. To ensure the safe lifting and transportation of heavy containers, we highly recommend hiring our side loaders. Regardless of your equipment handling needs, our fleet of side loaders can perform each task efficiently.

We strive to deliver innovative transportation solutions for imports, exports, sales and/or distribution.

Side Loader Transport


Side loaders play an important role in ensuring a steady and consistent supply of containers. They are designed to offer a quick turnaround and perform each task with greater efficiency.

The sideloader truck allows the containers to be placed safely on the ground. You can pack or unpack the containers at your convenience. It is also great to create a safe working environment. With minimal labour costs, you can save both your time and money in handling the transportation part of your business.

At Core Logistics, we have an extensive range of specialised semi-trailers for transporting containers over long distances. Connect with us and find out how we can help.

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